How to replace Hood Support Struts Damper on 2007-2014 Audi Q7?

Hood Support Strut Damper Replacement on a 2007-2014 Audi Q7

This is a really easy fix that takes less than five minutes. This is ideal for beginner DIY-mechanics. If you are a beginner you can read our recommended tools for beginner DIY mechanics here. I think you’ll probably search for the part longer than actually replacing it. Of course, I did that work for you as well so you can just get a replacement here if you like. The one I actually bought from Amazon doesn’t seem to be available at the time of me writing this article (This one here).  Therefore, when buying these just make sure it states hood support strut damper for 2007-2014 Audi Q7 and you’ll be set. These instructions can be used on any Audi models such as A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, Q3, Q5, or Q7. Audi Q7 Hood Support Strut

Video of these instructions can be found below at the bottom of this page.

Difficulty Level: Super Easy Audi Q7 Hood Support Strut
Time: About 2-5 mins
Cost: Price May Vary but about $40 (you can get one here)

Tools You’ll Need

1. First, prop the hood with a stick or a fancy Hood Prop Rod like this to ensure that the hood doesn’t fall on your head. As crazyrussianhacker states, “Safety is number 1 priority.” Audi Q7 Hood Support Strut

Audi Q7 Hood Lift Strut Replacement


2. Start from the bottom of the hood strut and use a flat head screwdriver to pry the metal clip out. Make sure to take it out all the way to make it easier for you when removing the hood strut damper.

Audi Q7 Hood Lift Strut Replacement   Audi Q7 Hood Lift Support Strut Replacement


3. Do the same thing on the top portion of the hood strut or shock.

Audi Q7 Hood Shock Damper Replacement


4. Once both clips are fully out you are ready to take off the hood damper strut. The hood strut damper should have no problems coming off by simply pulling one end off at a time. It was easier for me to do the bottom first and then the top.

Audi Q7 Hood Shock Damper Replacement


5. Take the new hood strut damper and install it on your Audi Q7 by starting from the bottom. Keep in mind to have the same orientation of the hood strut damper as shown below. You should hear a snap once the damper engages.

2007 Audi Q7 Hood Shock Damper Replacement


6. Once the bottom one is in place, use two hands and force the hood strut damper downward in order for it to fit onto the top ball joint. Again you will hear a snap sound when the strut is fitted on the ball joint.

Audi Q7 Hood Shock Damper Replacement


7. Now follow these instructions and do the same to the other side. It is recommended that you replace both hood support lift struts at the same time in order for your hood to properly operate.

Audi Q7 Hood Lift Strut Replacement

8. Once completed both sides, test the hood by slowly pressing down on it and see if the struts are resisting and hold the hood.

9. Close the hood and go inside to have a cold drink to reward yourself for such hard work.




Why replace the Audi hood support struts? (Symptoms)

  • Audi Hood doesn’t stay up
  • The hood closes automatically
  • Audi hood stays open for a few seconds then closes
  • Hood doesn’t stay open by itself anymore
  • Audi hood will not stay open.

Other names for Audi Hood Struts are known as hood lift support, hood shock, gas strut. Audi Q7 Hood Support Strut


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