Scion tC Transponder Chip Key & Remote Fob Programming Instructions.

DIY Programming Technique For Scion tC Chip Key
(no tools required)

One of the keys for my 2005 Scion tC literally fell apart, so I decided to find out how to make a duplicate key without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do it. In this article, I will share exactly how I was able to program transponder ignition chip key and remote fob for my Scion tC without any special equipment or computer software. This self-programming technique works for Scion tC years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Test Programming Mode First

Before you buy a new key, verify that you are able to enter the programming mode as described in Step 3 (#1-5) below. You can only use your master key to make duplicate keys, therefore you won’t be able to enter programming mode using the valet key. Once you verified you can successfully enter programming mode using your master key, proceed to Step 2. You can exit programming mode by simply opening driver’s side door or by depressing the brake pedal.

Get A Blank Chip Key

After you’ve verified that you can enter the programming mode, you’ll need to buy a new key. I ordered a couple of these blank chip keys here (this is Amazon affiliated link) for around $20 a piece. Make sure to buy the one with the 4D67 transponder chip and remote buttons, not just the key shell. Also, always check compatibility at the top of the page or in the item description area before placing the order.

Don’t Do This !!!

Before you cut the new key blade, first try to program the security chip inside the key. That way you still might be able to return it, if you accidentally ordered the wrong key, if the key was incompatible, or if security chip was defective.  Most sellers won’t refund your purchase if you cut the key blade. The following programming technique doesn’t require the new key to be cut.

Programming Procedure

  1. First, close all doors
  2. Insert master Scion tC key in and out of ignition cylinder 4 times. On the 5th time leave the master key in the ignition cylinder
  3. Open and close driver’s side door 6 times
  4. Remove the master key from ignition cylinder.
  5. Verify that security light on the information display is solid, indicating that the car successfully entered programming mode
  6. Insert new chip key
  7. Watch security light blinking for about 60 seconds
  8. When security light goes out, your new key is successfully programmed
  9. Remove new key from the ignition cylinder
  10. And finally, verify that your new key is able to deactivate anti-theft system: security indicator light on the information display should disappear when inserting properly programmed key into the ignition cylinder
  11. If it didn’t work, repeat the same steps from the beginning

You can also watch me using this technique to program a spare key for my 2005 Scion tC here:

Cut The Key Blade

Get the new blank key blade cut at your local hardware store or locksmith to match the master key. It will cost you around $ 2-5, and some places may even cut it for free as a courtesy since you are bringing your own key. Some stores may refuse to cut the key because you didn’t buy it from them and therefore they “cannot guarantee it will work”. In that case just tell them that you already had it programmed, that you only need it cut, and that you will take full responsibility if it doesn’t work. As a last resort, ask to speak to the manager.

Test It

Verify that the key was cut and programmed properly by starting the vehicle. Newly cut keys may not engage easily inside the ignition cylinder at first. You may need to lightly brush off the sharp edges. If you cannot turn the key, return to the locksmith or local hardware store and ask them to verify that the new key pattern is matching the original.


Once you were able to successfully program a spare key, you can make as many copies as you need. Give one to your parents or spouse, leave one at home, keep a spare key inside your car, or get one of those magnetic hide-a-key cases and hide it somewhere under your car in case you ever lose or lock your keys inside the car. I actually use this magnetic box to hide my old broken key underneath the car. Even though it’s broken, it still can be used in case of emergency!

Programming Instructions for Remote Transmitter Fob Buttons

After programming new chip key you will notice that the buttons on the remote still don’t work. That’s because they have to be programmed separately. Use one of the methods described below to program the remote.

Method 1

Have all transmitters for the vehicle at hand

  1. With the key out of the ignition, unlock and open drivers door (all other doors must be closed)
  2. Within 5 seconds,
    Insert the key in the ignition (Do NOT Turn it) and Pull key out.
    Insert the key in the ignition (Do NOT Turn it) and Pull key out.
  3. Within 40 seconds,
    Close then open the driver’s door.
    Close then open the driver’s door.
    Insert the key in the ignition (Do NOT Turn it) and Pull key out.
  4. Within 40 seconds.
    Close then open the driver’s door.
    Close then open the driver’s door.
    Insert the key into the ignition and leave it in the ignition.
    Close the driver’s door. Turn the ignition to ON then back to OFF (Do NOT Start or crank engine).
    Remove the key from the ignition.
  5. Within 3 seconds, the power door locks should lock then unlock automatically indicating successful entry into programming mode. Return to step 1 if the door locks do not cycle at this point or try the alternate procedure listed below.
  6. Within 40 seconds,
    A. Press the lock and unlock buttons on the remote simultaneously for 1.5 seconds.
    B. Immediately after letting go of the lock and unlock buttons, press and hold the lock button by itself.
    Within 10 seconds, the door locks should lock and then unlock once indicating successful programming.
    (If the door locks cycle twice, repeat steps A and B in step 6 as the remote was not accepted)
    Repeat steps A and B in step 6 for each new remote.
  7. Open drivers door.

Method 2

Alternate programming procedure: Have all remotes for the vehicle ready. 

  1. Make sure all doors are closed
  2. Open Driver’s door
  3. Insert the key into ignition, then remove it
  4. Press LOCK and UNLOCK the vehicle door lock switch at 1-second intervals 5 times.
  5. Close and re-open driver’s door
  6. Press LOCK and UNLOCK the vehicle door lock switch at 1-second intervals 5 times.
  7. Insert the key into ignition switch
  8. Turn the ignition to ON then back to OFF (Do NOT Start or crank engine).
  9. Remove Key from the ignition
  10. Door locks should cycle to confirm entry into programming mode. Press and hold LOCK & UNLOCK together for 1.5 seconds; then press and hold LOCK until the locks cycle
  11. Locks should cycle once to confirm programming. If they cycle twice, the programming failed
  12. Repeat button procedure to program remaining remotes
  13. Close driver’s door. Test remotes.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will this key programming technique work on my XXXX Scion tC
This programming technique only works for Scion tC years 2005-2010.

What can I do if my car is not on the compatibility list? 
You will have to contact your local Toyota dealer or Locksmith to program the transponder chip key for you.

Why can I not get into the programming mode?
– Make sure you are using the master key. The valet key won’t allow you to enter programming mode.
– Remove key from the ignition, close all doors, and follow the instructions from the beginning exactly as described here. Avoid long delays between each step.

I can get into the programming mode, but the chip still wouldn’t program
The chip is incompatible or defective. Contact the seller and verify compatibility. Request refund or exchange if necessary.

How do I exit the programming mode after testing it?
You can step on the brakes, open drivers door or wait for about one minute to exit the programming mode. The security light will start blinking again after you have successfully exited the programming mode.

I can’t turn the new key. 
– Newly cut keys can be hard to turn at first. Try to smooth it out a bit using a wire brush. Also, over time sharp key blad edges with smooth out after prolonged use.
– Wiggle the new key inside the ignition cylinder.
– Try to visually compare the key pattern with the master key. Return to the place where you cut the key and ask them to perfect the cut.