How To Enter Recovery Mode On Motorola MC40 or TC70

Entering System Recovery Mode on Motorola MC40 or TC70

Zebra Symbol or Motorola MC40 Hard Reset in Recovery ModeTo enter recovery mode or perform hard reset on Motorola MC40 or TC70 mobile computer, complete the following steps:
(This technique will also work on the same model of Zebra or Symbol brand mobile computers)

  • Turn on and unlock the device
  • Press and hold the “Power” button until you see “Device Options” menu
  • Locate the “Scan” button on the lower left side of the device
  • Select “Reset” option on the screen while holding down the “Scan” button
  • Keep holding the “Scan” button until you see the “Recovery Mode” screen
  • You now have successfully entered Recovery Mode

You can also watch a quick video example of how to enter system recovery mode on Motorola MC40 or TC70 here:

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