How To Hard Reset LG LS665 Tribute 2

LG LS665 Tribute 2 Hard Reset How To Instructions DIY-time Hard Reset LG LS665Method 1 (Hard Reset LG LS665)

You may have to hard reset LG LS665 if you forgot your PIN code and cannot access device anymore.
Warning! Please be aware, all your data and settings will be erased after completing the following instructions. Do it at your own risk.

  1. First, turn off the device by holding down the Power button on the back of the device
  2. Then, press and hold Power button and Volume Down buttons on the back of the device
  3. Only release both buttons when factory reset menu appears on the display
  4. Use Volume Up or Volume Down buttons to select “Yes” in order to erase all user data and restore default factory settings
  5. Press Power button to start reset process
  6. Wait until the hard reset is complete before using the phone

Method 2

If you are still able to access your device and you would like to erase all of your data before selling it, you can perform factory hard reset from the Settings menu.

  1. Turn on and unlock the device
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Backup & Reset
  4. Tap Factory Data Reset
  5. Select Reset Phone
  6. Select Erase Everything
  7. Wait until the hard reset is complete before using the phone

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