2003-2007 Toyota Sequoia Transponder Chip Key Programming

Toyota Sequoia DIY Transponder Chip Key Programming Technique For the 2003-2007 year models (no tools required)

First things first: Legal Disclosure
In this article, you will learn to easily program a spare OEM or aftermarket transponder ignition Toyota Sequoia key without any special equipment or computer software. If your Sequoia is other than 2003-2007, please visit this page:
Key Programming Instructions for any Toyota, Lexus, and Scion

Try this first…

Before you buy a new key for your Toyota Sequoia, first verify that you are able to enter the programming mode as described in Step 3 below.  Only use your master key, because the valet key won’t work. Once you have successfully entered programming mode, you can cancel it by simply opening driver side door.

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Buy blank chip key

Next, you’ll need to purchase a new chip key. I found that the best prices for new blank keys are usually online on sites like Amazon. Dealers usually charge double of what you pay online, while LockSmith and hardware shop’s aftermarket keys often lack the original OEM quality or reliability. When buying a new key, always make sure it is compatible with your Sequoia.

Cut the key

Get the new blank key blade cut at your local hardware store or locksmith to match the master key. It will cost you around $ 2-5, and some places may even cut it for free since you are bringing your own key. Some stores may refuse to cut the key because you didn’t buy it from them and therefore they “cannot guarantee it will work”. In that case just tell them that you already had it programmed, that you only need it cut, and that you will take full responsibility if it doesn’t work.

Programming Instructions

*It might be very difficult to enter programming mode on Toyota Sequoia. You may have to try it several times. 

Method 1

  1. Close all doors
  2. Open driver’s door and then insert the master key into the ignition cylinder
  3. Close driver’s door
  4. Turn the ignition key from “Lock” to “On” 4 times within 15 seconds, but on the 5th time leave the key in “On” position
  5. Open and close driver’s door 6 times within 20 seconds
  6. Turn master key back to “Lock” position and then remove it
  7. Insert the new blank key and then turn it to “On” position
  8. Wait for 60 seconds
  9. Turn the key to “Lock” position
  10. Try to start the car to verify that new key is programmed successfully
  11. If it didn’t work, then repeat the same steps from the beginning

Method 2 (*Shared by Jon Giullian):

“Update. I tried one more time and it worked using the sequence below. This time, when turning the programmed key back and forth to off and on, I did it really fast. I also inserted the new key really fast. I think that’s what did the trick. You have to do it really fast with Sequoia. That’s what my locksmith told me. He was right.

1) Close all doors
2) Insert your Master key (black) int the key cylinder
3) Turn the ignition from Lock to On 5 times within 15 seconds – on the 5th time, leave the key in the ON position
4) Open and close the driver’s door 6 times within 20 seconds
5) Turn the Master key back to Lock and remove
6) Insert the new blank key and turn to ON position
7) Leave in ON position for at least 60 seconds (while the key registers with the vehicle)
8) After 60+ seconds, remove the key.
9) Open then Close the driver’s door to end the process”

Important notes (*Shared by Jonathan Elliff):

Two important things I figured out in programming my 2007 Sequoia not mentioned above:

1. The car needs to be closed and locked before starting the process. Use the fob to unlock and begin.
2. You know you are in “program mode” when the security key light stays OFF, even after you pull the master key away and put the blank in. This, as I understand, is the opposite of many Toyotas of this vintage where the light stays on to indicate program mode.


Start your car to test the new key!


Once you were able to successfully program a spare key, you can make as many copies as you need. Give one to your parents or spouse, leave one at home, keep a spare key inside your car, or get one of those magnetic hide-a-key cases and hide it somewhere under your car in case you ever lose or lock your keys inside the car.

Share your experience!

I hope this was helpful! If so, please let me know in the comment section below at the bottom of this page.  Tell me what Toyota Sequoia year and edition you have, share your programming experience, and any tips or updates you may know.  I will update the compatibility list if this programming method works on other models not mentioned on the list. I’d love to hear your success stories, so I am looking forward to hearing back from you!